Old Computer Challenge Days 2 to 4


Comments on this page: https://tilde.zone/@supernova/110709693981709223

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Day 1 adventures. Well the following days aren’t as exciting, I was sort of settled into the routine of doing email, listening to aNONradio, checking out the #oldcomputerchallenge IRC channel, Mastodon (via praetor’s brutaldon) and just general web browsing.

I wasn’t planning on doing any Youtubing but then I got an email that TesseracT dropped a new music video! So now I did have to figure out how to use youtube-dl to download the video. That worked really well, except I didn’t figure out there were video only, audio only and audio & video options! Oh well, I finally got the right version downloaded tonight thanks to IRC peeps!

Oh one thing to mention is I said something about using 400MB RAM on day 1. But I overlooked my swap usage. I’m at about 323MB RAM and 564MB swap right now so that’s not as good as I thought before.

I did spend about 30 minutes on day 3 using a Windows machine at home to do bills. They were due this week so can’t put it off, and I use Quicken and online bill pay.

Tonight I’m going to finish this blog post (using nano, hugo and git) and then sign off. Cheers!