Old Computer Challenge Day 1


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Well it is here, July 10th day #1 of the old computer challenge.

After work I booted up my Lenovo IdeaPad with antiX (and rate limited to 512MB RAM and one core 777Mhz AMD E1 processor). I connected the HDMI port to a second monitor so I have plenty of space for windows. The monitors are arranged backwards though, I have to move the mouse past the left side of the left monitor to wrap over to the right monitor, and then move past the right side of the right monitor to wrap over to the left monitor. Yes, I could just move the laptop to the other side but then I’d have to redo all the wires.

To write this blog I need git and hugo, so I installed those then cloned my repos from Codeberg. Now I can take notes as I proceed through my first day.

Next task: Connect to the Libera.chat #oldcomputerchallenge room and see what others are up to.

I want to check out Mastodon so I fire up the GNOME Web browser and head over to praetor’s brutaldon instance.

Now start VLC and connect to aNONradio pirate radio.

Checking my RAM usage and it is 384MB, OK that’s not too bad.

I’m actually getting used to using the outside edges of the monitors to wrap around to the other side.

Now connecting to SDF.org via SSH to use COM while listening to anonradio.

Thunderbird is setup so I can read my email.

Right at 400MB RAM usage now.

So now I’ve got 4 web pages in GNOME Web, Thunderbird downloading all my mail for 6 years, HexChat, 3 terminals, an SSH session into SDF and VLC playing aNONradio. I think that is enough for the first day!

I’d say this is a success!